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Example menu


cereal (various types), toast,bagels and cousants  , yogurts and fruit.

Drinks - water, milk (full fat), pure juices.


Mid morning snack

Fruit and vegetable sticks (dried/fresh), breadsticks, rice cakes.



Sandwiches (various fillings), soup, toasties, beans, egg on toast, fruit and savouries etc.


Afternoon snack

Fruit etc. as above.



Pasta dishes, roast dinners, shepherds pie, casseroles, fish dishes, selection of seasonal vegetables.

Desserts-yogurts, ice cream, fruit, crumbles, sponge puddings, milk puddings etc.



Water, milk, pure juice, (all throughout the day).

Older children may help themselves jug of water available all day.


All dietary requirements will be considered, allergies, age-appropriate food for babies and toddlers. All food is home cooked and some vegetables and fruit are home grown in our growing plot in the garden which children join in growing too!

 older children are encouraged to help at mealtimes , to help set the table ,seating the little ones ,pouring the drinks

children are encouraged to wash hands before meals/snacks,the use of manners at the table . 

I have a healthy eating and hygiene policy which you can review on request

Meals are on a two week plan which you will receive a copy of when you start, it all helps you to plan at home. these are changed  regular to suit tastes and the time of the year from a summer menu to a winter menu .These are displayed too and children have a table menu also these are in picture and word form to help communication and language skills.