My childminding is undertaken from my  home,which is presented to a consistently high level of cleanliness and safety ,and is fully Ofsted registered and approved.I have been awarded with a "outstanding  rating of care by Ofsted with which im  very pleased with , A copy of my inspection report is available to read on the Ofsted website,or you can obtain a copy from myself. A wide range of policies and procedures are documented and are always available (copies can be emailed direct on request at any time). The activity diary is maintained daily detailing what each child has been doing, including  what he/she has been eating and this information is taken home by parents to read at he end of every session.Additionally I complete learning journals and follow the EYFS development tracking booklets also any child who is between two -three i will complete a 2 year progress/health report all these documents will be passed on with your child as they move onto nursery or school . i will liaise partnerships  with all places your child attend this is important for the continuity  care i.e you yourself or playgroup or school are very important to ensure your child develops and follows the correct path of learning and development.

I plan daily but build in flexibility,because as everyone knows ,days with children don't always follow the original intention ! I try to follow what the child wants more than it all being adult led.There are resources toys for all age groups and these are changed according to age range and suitability,thus keeping the child's interest and developing them onto their next milestone.The children can self- select or bring out toys on request. Along side free play I do lots of activities including arts/crafts,baking,outdoor play,outings and much we can have busy days or just a nice quiet day chilling-it all depends on your child.

At the moment the EYFS(early years foundation stage) states that childminders should mind a maximum of six children under the age of eight at anyone time of these six children,a maximum of three may be young children. There are exemptions to the usual ratios if a childminder is caring for sibling babies,or caring for their own baby,provided they can demonstrate the continuity of care is kept to a professional standard to parents/carers and inspectors.