Prices 2018

 0-5 year old

Morning session ( 7.15am - 1pm ) = £30.00 ( Includes breakfast, snacks, lunch )

Afternoon session( 1 pm - 5.30pm ) = £30.00 (Includes snacks, home cooked meal of the day and dessert )

Short day ( 9am - 4pm ) = £35-00

Full day ( 7.15am - 530pm ) = £40-00

Full week = £180.00

 places for 2,3 and 4 year old government  funding 15 hrs or 30 hrs

All prices include the cost of  healthy home cooked meals, outings, and nappies (pampers/good brand). Formula milk not provided.

Any extra  opening times can be arranged on request but will be charged at an hourly rate (please  ask and arrangements and prices can be discussed)

A non refundable deposit of £50.00 is required to reserve a place 

Full fees will be charged for children s absence days

Term time offered for teachers but payment for one day a week  required 

There is no charge for my holiday times, which dates are made available at the beginning of  year

Payments are invoiced monthly or weekly (in advance)

All employment vouchers are accepted

childcare tax credits  working parents maybe able to access up to 70 % to help with childcare fee s

Standing orders, cash or cheques are accepted

If payment is not received on time (or agreed time) termination of place/contract will be issued unless  reason agreed beforehand. Further action will be taken to recover loses

One months notice of termination of contract is required by the parents of the child leaving